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Book commercial kitchens, commissary space, pop-up restaurants, private kitchens, and virtual restaurant space.

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How It Works

Peer Brands creates a unique ecosystem for both our hosts and guests. It’s as easy to get started. For commercial kitchen information click here to learn HOW IT WORKS.

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Your Space

You are always in charge of your space and can always service your members first. Get your unused space booked for community events, celebrations, and much more when it's convenient for you.

Your Schedule

Manage your schedule and set the times your space is available with our easy-to-use scheduling system. Connect with a Peer when it’s convenient for you.

Your Extra Revenue

Peer Brands handles all the invoicing & payments, so your extra revenue seamlessly flows to your account of choice. Connect with a Peer and start generating extra revenue today.


Need a Space? Become a Guest.


Search for commercial kitchens, event space, office space, & other unique spaces.


Once you find your perfect match, book the space and pay online with our simple payment system.


Connect with your Peer and create memorable experiences.

Our Services Are Designed to Support the Ones Who Support Our Communities.


Peer Brands supports small businesses and non-profit organizations in our communities by providing an outlet for them to list their underutilized spaces to get booked. Stay local and book near you.


Since Peer Brands sources it’s listing from space going unused, our hosts price their spaces to sell out, making it affordable for you. They are the low-cost carriers in every market, for every type of space.


Peer Brands is locally focused and determined to help drive revenue for our communities. When you connect through Peer Brands you are connecting with leaders in your community that support you.

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Are you having trouble finding the perfect space. Our experts find the PEERfect match every time that fits your needs. Contact us today.

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Do you have space going unused? Our experts are the best at monetizing underutilized space. Contact our experts to see how we can drive additional revenue for your organization.

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What We’re Doing.

Peer Brands believes that small businesses and non-profit organizations are the core of our communities. Yet small business and non-profits are being impacted much more than their bigger competitors, they have been priced out, and they are failing at an alarming rate. Why is that? And what do they need? Can we help?

These questions motivate our business. Therefore, through introduction and connection, Peer Brands can remove barriers, provide affordable access, by matching them with other small businesses, further driving revenue for them.

For example, a coffee shop that closes at 2 p.m. will be matched with a restaurateur that would book that space for an evening concept. A church that has office space which is only used on Sunday’s, can now offer that unused space during the week.

Our mission is to provide a pathway for small business to start and grow organically, by connecting them with unused resources in their communities. We’re applying the sharing economy like it has never been applied before and that’s in favor of small businesses and non-profit organizations.

These are our four promises to help create a marketplace that connects you to Your Friend in the Industry.

Identification & Verification

Every Peer is Identified and Verified prior to listing and booking. All commercial kitchens are certified as well.

Easy-to-Use Scheduling System

A scheduling system that works for both our hosts and guests. Schedule times when your services are available, and we’ll handle the rest to get you booked. Our messaging system allows you to communicate with your Peer to square away all the details.

Payments & Invoicing

Invoicing and payments are automated for your convenience. Our hosts can even send an offer to make sure they are providing you with all the services needed to make your experience the best. All Peers can access their records of transactions easily from their dashboard.

No Long-term Contracts & No-haggle Pricing

Our system is flexible to support your businesses needs on your terms. Our No-haggle pricing policy means your peer has agreed to the price point you listed, alleviating the hassle of negotiating.

We Love Them

What Our Peers Have To Say

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Community Connections

Organizations we collaborate with that support our communities and resources for support.