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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

~Helen Keller

Peer Brands is dedicated to championing the success of small businesses, non-profit organizations, and government entities by unlocking the potential of their underutilized resources. We facilitate impactful connections between these entities and individuals within their communities who can benefit from these resources.

In our firm belief that communities possess abundant untapped resources, we go beyond traditional approaches. We transform unused spaces into valuable assets by fostering meaningful connections. Our overarching goal is to empower small businesses, non-profits, and government entities with the essential tools for success. This commitment is realized through:

  • Harnessing cutting-edge technology to streamline and automate operations.
  • Bridging gaps within the marketplace through the power of connection.
  • Providing a clear pathway for organic growth.
  • Eliminating barriers to entry.
  • Creating additional revenue streams for existing small businesses, non-profits, and government entities.
  • Actively supporting community efforts by constructing cyclical systems that perpetuate local economies.

At Peer Brands, our PEER core values – Professionalism, Equity, Equality, and Responsibility guide our every action. We go beyond mere connections; we connect you with your friend in the industry, fostering relationships that propel growth and success.


Danielle's journey began with a decade of hard work in the restaurant industry. Fueled by a passion for healthy fast food, she dreamt of creating her own establishment, Twisted Salads. To turn this dream into reality, Danielle pursued a degree in Management with a focus on entrepreneurship, honing her skills in the world of restaurants.

She didn't stop there. Danielle went on to complete graduate coursework, flipped her house for funds, and was determined to establish Twisted Salads. However, finding the right location was no walk in the park. After a year of relentless searching in Colorado's competitive market, doubts began to creep in.

Instead of starting her own restaurant, Danielle created a solution for everyone. She founded Restaurant Peer, a groundbreaking concept that connected those with commercial kitchens to those in need. Her vision was to revolutionize the industry by applying the principles of the sharing economy, making kitchens more accessible and affordable for small business restaurateurs.

"The restaurant industry doesn't have to be volatile," she asserted. With Restaurant Peer, the local ice cream shop could share its kitchen with a baker in the morning, creating extra revenue for the shop owner and saving the baker time and money. Even organizations with underutilized commercial kitchens could outsource the space, supporting local restaurateurs and making a profit.

But Danielle's ambitions extended beyond just kitchens. Her customers soon saw the potential to monetize all sorts of unused spaces, from event halls to parking lots and office spaces. This led to the birth of Peer Brands, a mission to connect individuals with untapped resources in their communities.

"We believe our communities have enough resources and infrastructure that can be reused and tapped into," Danielle explained. Through this network of resources, Danielle aimed to breathe new life into small businesses, non-profit organizations, and restaurateurs, all while applying cutting-edge technology to age-old practices.

Danielle's journey, from dreaming of a salad haven to founding a platform that redefines industries, is a testament to her innovation, determination, and commitment to making a positive impact on her community and beyond.


This is What We’re Doing for Small Businesses and Non-Profits Within Our Communities.

Our Purpose and Endeavor...

We are dedicated to streamlining and redefining industries across the board.

Our aspirations extend to empowering small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs in every sector, creating opportunities for growth and innovation.

We’re Achieving This By...

At Peer Brands, our vision goes far beyond revolutionizing the restaurant industry. We aspire to empower not only restaurants but all small businesses and non-profits within our communities. Through a versatile strategy, we unlock resources and provide cost-effective access to a wide spectrum of spaces, including commercial kitchens, event halls, parking lots, and offices. This multifaceted approach is designed to bolster local economies, fostering connections between individuals and organizations within a vibrant network.

But we don't stop at merely monetizing space; we take an active role in helping our customers enhance their revenue streams. We guide them on the path to monetization, assisting in the transformation of untapped resources into lucrative assets. In doing so, we promote financial growth and encourage collaborative efforts that strengthen our communities.

We are driven by the conviction that...

At the heart of our mission is a firm belief that through the creation of vital connections, we are dedicated to revitalizing small businesses, non-profits, and aspiring restaurateurs. We are committed to nurturing a collaborative support system that empowers these entities. With unwavering confidence, we affirm that our communities are rich in resources and infrastructure, waiting to be harnessed and repurposed for greater good.

Our Vision is...

To connect you with your trusted partner and friend within your industry.

Our Team

Andrew James

VP of Technology
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Chief Information Officer (CIO)
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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
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Director of Government and Grants Relations
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