Is your event space, commercial kitchens, or parking lot only being used some of the time?

Why not drive additional revenue off of your unused resources?

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Faith Communities Today Reports

The coronavirus hit at a time when already fewer Americans were going to worship services ‐ with at least half of the nearly 15,300 congregations surveyed in a 2020 reporting weekly attendance of 65 or less ‐ and exacerbated the problems at smaller churches where increasingly lean budgets often hindered them from things like hiring full-time clergy.

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The church as we knew it before the pandemic no longer exists. Yet, we do not know what the church of the future will be. One thing we know for sure is that it will be different. It needs to be different. In fact, it has to be different! If we are to be the church to reach new people, we must show up in different and new ways. We must shed the methods that no longer serve the church and be open to being the church in new and yet to be determined ways.

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Solutions To Combat The Impact Churches Have Experienced


Members First

Innovate your space. What are you doing with the empty space within your facility?

Innovate your commercial kitchen space by turning it into a kitchen incubator or share with a small business restaurateur who is looking for a kitchen just like yours. Evey body needs a place to start and why not in a facility that supports community like yours. If not a restaurateur, then why not let someone book your kitchen one-time for a cooking class and earn extra revenue while helping them.

Your office space can be used to provide an affordable workspace for someone in your community. Your event space can be used to hold dance classes, meetings, and networking events. A parking lot can be turned into a farmers market or craft fair. All the unused space can become a center for a way for members in our communities to connect with each other.

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Creating a Shared Experience

You have unused space. An individual in your community needs a space. By making the connection it becomes a shared space. If WeWork can do it... Why can’t you? This is a win-win for all because we are leveraging pre-existing space and coming up with ways to use the space to help each other.

By leveraging this tactic, you are creating more revenue generating options for yourself, the restaurateurs, and your members. Once you find your PEERfect match, you’ll begin to see how combining resources begin to flourish. They might book out your conference room or your event hall. Every time a space gets booked; you’re creating an opportunity to drive more membership.

Do you hold events? Not a problem. The commercial kitchen time, conference room, or parking lot times can be blocked out so that it is not booked when you need it. There are no long-term leases, and you can stop at any time.

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Unity in Community

It’s all about community. When the burden of all the overhead is no longer placed on one entity and spread amongst several, the chance of turnover decreases. By decreasing everyone’s overhead, everyone has more money to place toward their efforts to make them more successful.

When a community is created within individuals in the same segment, they can then learn and support each other as well. In turn, this reduces their risk of failure and reduces yours as well. They have an affordable place to start. You generate revenue off unused space to help pay your overhead.

It’s PEERfect.

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