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Have you ever felt like you needed a larger kitchen? Of course you have. Now you can book a commercial kitchen one-time.

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Restaurant Turnover

According to the National Restaurant Association:

The turnover rate in the restaurants-and-accomadations sector rose to a post-recession high of 74.9 percent in 2018, prior to Covid.

Dine-In Experience

Statista Reports:

The year-over-year decline of seated diners in restaurants in the U.S. was a staggering 50.31 percent on November 28, 2020.


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Solutions To Combat The Forever Changed Restaurant Industry


Exclusive Access

Peer Brands is the first company to open commercial kitchen access to the public. If you’re over the age of 18, of course. Whether you’re a food blogger, or just a foodie, prepare your food in a commercial kitchen.

Do you want to teach a cooking class? Not a problem with our hosts at all. Is meal prep your thing? Cool with us, call your friends, book a commercial kitchen, and prepare your meals for the week. We’ll call it a prep party.

Just look, book, and cook. Get Started Today!

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Professional Services

Our hosts are the best at providing you with a catered commercial kitchen experience. All our commercial kitchens have been certified and are ready for you to use. Clean, private, and some are equipped with specialized commercial kitchen equipment you couldn’t access until now.

Feel free to message our hosts at anytime to learn more about a commercial kitchen near you.

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Community Support

Peer Brands is a community-based platform. We source our kitchens from non-profits and small businesses in your community.

When you book with Peer Brands, you’re supporting our communities and help perpetuate our local economies. Everyone appreciates it. It’s #PEERfect.

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